Why It Matters


Both nature and exercise make you happier and make you feel better. Families and friends have a safe place to run, jog, walk the dog and spend time together. What kid isn't happy riding their bike? What dog isn't happy being walked? What baby is soothed by a stroll? What family doesn't feel great after an evening walk?


It gets you outside. It gets your kids outside. It gives you a safe place to ride your bike. An easy place to walk your dog. A close destination to enjoy the outdoors. Allows kids, parents, grandparents, and friends to gather and explore nature. By eventually having 30+ miles of continuous trails, we don't have to drive somewhere else to take a long run or long bike ride.

Hall County

You don't have to leave Hall County to enjoy an outdoor trail. We have almost 10 miles completed for you to enjoy. Right here. Right now. Your Backyard. Connects our neighborhoods together and fosters community within Hall County. Trail systems within communities make Hall County more attractive to businesses and employees. Brings more visitors into our community and in turn, more tourist dollars.

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