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About the Highlands to Islands Trail System

Highlands To Islands is a multi-use trail system connecting the many great cities together within Hall County with a paved path winding past businesses, scenic areas, college campuses, and retail shops. The Highlands To Islands trail will eventually unite any existing greenways together under one-name/one trail for the maximum benefit to the community and its citizens.

Location of Highlands to Islands

You've probably already been on it! Have you attended a holiday event in Gainesville on the Midtown Greenway? That will be part of the Highlands To Islands trail. Have you seen the large multi-use path along the side of Friendship Road? or the concrete path weaving through the oak trees past the Chicopee Village and Golf Course? That will be part of the Highlands To Islands trail, too! If you've picnicked or taken your kids to the playground at Wilshire Park then you've already been on the Highlands To Islands trail!

H2I Chicopee Drone 3