Trail Maps

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Wilshire Trails

Connecting Lake Lanier and Gainesville High School to the Wilshire Trails picnic, playground and grilling facilities before you descend across the picturesque bridges and footpaths that cross the bubbling creek and set into the woods.

Downtown / Main Street

Access all the shops and retail districts in the historic square in Gainesville. Cross over Jesse Jewell Parkway in the state-of-the-art bridge that will one day lead somewhere really important - the Midtown Greenway.

Midtown Greenway

An urban trail with views of the industry and architecture of the early 20th century located in the industrial section of Midtown. Many seasonal events such as trick or treating and easter egg hunts are hosted in this event space off Grove Street.

Airport / Palmour Drive

This is the connection point between downtown Gainesville and Elachee Nature/Chicopee Woods/SORBA biking trails that lead you towards the University of North Georgia. Edging along the side of the airport and through some existing sidewalks, you will be able to safely gain access to many more miles of trails.

Chicopee Woods

Named after the Chicopee Mills, this scenic section meanders through the tall oak trees near Elachee Drive (home to the Elachee Nature Science Center and SORBA biking trails), and adjacent to the Chicopee Woods Golf Course.

University of North Georgia / Oakwood

With the construction of a tunnel to go under Atlanta Highway, the extension of the trail to the University of North Georgia will soon be a reality. This section intersects with the Tumbling Creek Mountain Bike Trails, approximately 2.5 miles of large beginner to intermediate trails with quiet views of the Tumbling Creek Wetlands and the UNG-Gainesville Campus.

Thurmond Tanner

Incorporates the business district between Oakwood and Flowery Branch, with wide lanes, relatively slow traffic, and a welcome attitude for cyclists. The Kings Hawaiian bakery, the Atlanta Falcons Training Camp and Headquarters, and Wrigley's are some of the important employers in this area.

Flowery Branch

A small town, right near the shores of Lake Lanier provides a welcome respite on your journey into South Hall. Come to Main Street and fill up your water bottle and relax a while.

Friendship Road

This section serves as the main East-West route from Lake Lanier Islands (where admission is always free to cyclists) and the wonderful and growing Town of Braselton.

Braselton Life Path

At its inception, the LifePath will provide approximately  1.7 miles of 10-foot wide concrete pathways connecting The Village at Deaton Creek and Northeast Georgia Medical Center's River Place to Chateau Elan, Mulberry Walk, and the Town of Braselton Mulberry River Walk. Long-range plans will include over 11 miles of 10-foot wide multi-use pathways connecting the Town of Braselton community from Spout Springs to Downtown.